4 Home Electronics and Appliances You Can Buy From Wall2Wall Furnishing

When most people first come to Wall2Wall Furnishing, they’re looking for items like sofas, tables, office furniture, and other pieces of everyday furniture. However, with a name like Wall2Wall Furnishing, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that we carry more than just furniture. We have everything you need to furnish your home or office which includes the gadgets and gizmos you need. Here are four kinds of electronics and appliances you can buy from Wall2Wall Furnishing.

Security and Surveillance System

Property owners need to take precautions to protect their assets and the people on their premises. Building owners need to install safety devices such as smoke detectors and fire alarms. They also need to add security systems to prevent unauthorized entry into secure areas and keep track of building assets. For any of these situations, Wall2Wall Furnishing has the equipment and accessories to make it happen. We have smoke detectors, water leak alarms, a wireless alarm system, motion detection alarms, and much more. We also have the accessories you need to install these features, such as AV wires, wall panels, smart sockets, and other products that will enhance safety and security around your property.

Home Theater System

Furnishing a living room or den takes more than some couches and end tables. Unless you plan on living a spartan lifestyle, you’re going to need some form of entertainment. Wall2Wall Furnishing has everything you need to add a home theater system to your house. We have surround sound speakers, 4K TVs, mounts, projectors, and all of the hardware you need to install it. Furthermore, our team can help ensure you get everything you need to create the ultimate entertainment area for your home. Just send us a message online with any questions or concerns you have about getting a home theater system

Kitchen Appliances

Though kitchens don’t have a lot of furniture, Wall2Wall Furnishing has a wide selection of items that can help you cook, clean, and more. Wine lovers can get a 28-bottle wine cooler that’s nearly as tall as a small cabinet. You can store more frozen goods with a 3 cubic-foot upright freezer. And if you need to cook large dishes with a microwave, we have a 9 cubic foot commercial unit for those looking to upgrade.  Wall2Wall Furnishing is also the place to go for kitchen gadgets that you won’t find at regular department stores. You can get a Butterball electric fryer in time for Thanksgiving or a meat slicer for better sandwiches. And if you put the meat slices in a food dehydrator, you can get from Wall2Wall Furnishing, and you can make your own jerky. We have all the appliances and gadgets you need to cook up some fun in the kitchen.

Professional Audio System

Audio systems have been an essential part of home decor for generations. Before television, people would gather around the radio for entertainment. Even in modern times, people want their home to be filled with beautiful music when the occasion calls for it. Wall2Wall Furnishing sells professional home audio systems with all the cutting-edge equipment and accessories you need. If you want to play some music at your backyard barbecue, we have a portable PA system you should consider. We also have professional audio speaker systems that are perfect for an audiophile, DJ, or rehearsal space.

Wall2Wall Furnishing is the best place to shop online for furniture, appliances, and electronics for your home or office. We have everything you need to craft an area that’s perfectly suited for a particular purpose. Send us a message online if you have any questions about getting the furnishing you need for your property.

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